This is the schedule from 2020. 2021 schedule not yet available.



Wednesday, November 04, 2020
9:00am to 9:05am Introduction

Paul E. Sax, MD

9:05am to 9:10am Break

Moderator: Dr. Paul E. Sax

9:10am to 9:55am Antibiotic Update for Office Practice

Paul E. Sax, MD

9:55am to 10:00am Break
10:00am to 10:45am Tuberculosis for the Non-ID Specialist

Jacob Johnson, MD

10:45am to 10:50am Break
10:50am to 11:35am Update in Sexually Transmitted Infections

Howard M. Heller, MD, MPH

11:35am to 11:40am Break
11:40am to 12:25pm Corticosteroids, Biologics, and More: Infections in the Non-HIV Immunocompromised Host

Sarah P. Hammond, MD

12:25pm to 12:30pm Break
12:30pm to 1:15pm Urinary Tract Infections: The Common and the Complicated

Sigal Yawetz, MD

1:15pm to 2:15pm Break

Moderator: Dr. Jacob Johnson

2:15pm to 3:00pm Gastrointestinal Infections: Evaluation and Treatment

Jacob Johnson, MD

3:00pm to 3:05pm Break
3:05pm to 3:55pm Lyme Disease: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Controversies

Daniel A. Solomon, MD

3:55pm to 4:00pm Break
4:00pm to 4:45pm COVID-19 and Infection Control: How Can Clinicians and Their Patients Stay Safe?

Michael Klompas, MD, MPH

4:45pm to 4:50pm Break
4:50pm to 5:35pm Diagnosis of COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Infections

Sanjat Kanjilal, MD

5:35pm to 5:40pm Break
5:40pm to 6:25pm Skin Infections and Infection-Mimickers

Jason E. Frangos, MD

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Moderator: Dr. Daniel A. Solomon

9:00am to 9:45am How to Evaluate and Manage Antibiotic Allergies

Paige Wickner, MD, MPH

9:45am to 9:50am Break
9:50am to 10:35am H. pylori: Diagnosis, Management, and Controversies

Molly Perencevich, MD

10:35am to 10:40am Break
10:40am to 11:25am Adult Immunization Update - Part 1

Mary Montgomery, MD

11:25am to 11:30am Break
11:30am to 12:15pm Adult Immunization Update - Part 2

Daniel A. Solomon, MD

12:15pm to 12:20pm Break
12:20pm to 1:05pm Pneumonia: Updates in Diagnosis and Management

Mary Montgomery, MD

1:05pm to 1:55pm Break

Moderator: Dr. Sigal Yawetz

1:55pm to 2:40pm COVID-19: Answering Your Patients’ Frequently Asked Questions

Course Directors

2:40pm to 2:45pm Break
2:45pm to 3:30pm Optimizing Curbside Consults in Infectious Diseases

Paul E. Sax, MD

3:30pm to 3:35pm Break
3:35pm to 4:20pm HIV Pre- and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis: Why the PCP Is Critical

Sigal Yawetz, MD

4:20pm to 4:25pm Break
4:25pm to 5:10pm C. difficile: What's New for the PCP

Elizabeth Hohmann, MD

5:10pm to 5:15pm Break
5:15pm to 6:00pm COVID-19: Update on Clinical Presentation and Management

Jacob Johnson, MD and Sigal Yawetz, MD

Friday, November 06, 2020

Moderator: Dr. Jennifer A. Johnson

9:00am to 9:45am KEYNOTE: Publishing a Medical Journal during the COVID-19 Pandemic – The New England Journal of Medicine Experience

Eric J. Rubin, MD, PhD, interviewed by Daniel A. Solomon, MD

9:45am to 9:50am Break
9:50am to 10:35am Sore Throats, Common Colds, and Coughs That Won’t Go Away

Jennifer A. Johnson, MD

10:35am to 10:40am Break
10:40am to 11:25am Tropical Infections in Clinical Practice

James H. Maguire, MD

11:25am to 11:30am Break
11:30am to 12:15pm HIV and Hepatitis for the Non-ID Specialist: The Basics

Paul E. Sax, MD

12:15pm to 12:20pm Break
12:20pm to 1:05pm Unknowns in Infectious Diseases

Jennifer A. Johnson, MD

1:05pm to 1:50pm Break

Moderator: Dr. Paul E. Sax

1:50pm to 2:35pm HIV and COVID-19 Vaccines: Where Are We Now?

Daniel R. Kuritzkes, MD

2:35pm to 2:40pm Break
2:40pm to 3:25pm Optimizing HIV Therapy: What to Start, When and How to Switch

Paul E. Sax, MD

3:25pm to 3:30pm Break
3:30pm to 4:15pm HIV and Aging: Addressing Non-HIV Comorbidities

Mary Montgomery, MD

4:15pm to 4:20pm Break
4:20pm to 5:05pm Treatment of Viral Hepatitis in the Primary Care Setting

Jennifer A. Johnson, MD

5:05pm to 5:10pm Break
5:10pm to 5:55pm HIV and Hepatitis Case Challenges: When to Treat, When to Refer

Faculty panel, moderated by Paul E. Sax, MD

5:55pm to 6:10pm Course Wrap-Up