Participant Experience


Past participants consistently report that this program has inspired and improved their clinical practice and outcomes. Here are a few recent voices from course participants:


“My practice has benefitted significantly from this course, especially in the areas of HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, antibiotic use, immunization, and much more.”


“After attending ‘ID in Primary Care,’ I am avoiding unnecessary antibiotics; I have updated my treatment protocols for MSSA and MRSA; I consider acute HIV more frequently; and I treat Lyme empirically more often.”


“For many of us in primary care in the US, there has been an erosion/trivialization of our work. It was important to be inspired by big thinking/knowledge/wisdom from such an engaged group of colleagues.”


“I have updated my antibiotic prescribing in infections such as cellulitis, UTI, and sinusitis.”


“I work in a free clinic where there are a lot of immigrants, and I always wondered why many of them had mild eosinophilia on cbc. Now I will consider testing for some of the specific infections I learned about in this program.”


“This course has led me to make further efforts to get HIV-positive patients into treatment, and to consider adopting a PMTCT program with Tenofovir to reduce Hep B transmission in my low- resource setting.”


“I use new protocols for the treatment of soft tissue and skin infections, and the treatment of uncomplicated UTIs.”


“This was the first time in 35 years since med school graduation that a speaker presented useful and intelligent info about the common cold.”


“I have changed my treatment of post-splenectomy patients and gained new resources for advising travelers.”


“This program gave me so much feedback on how much more my practice could be doing to avoid transmission of infectious diseases! I have shared a lot of this information with my clinic to improve care.”


“I learned new things related to geriatric and chronic disease management—very relevant to adult practice.”


“I now prescribe both pneumonia vaccines to my older patients, and have implemented some of the suggestions for infection control in the ambulatory setting.”


“Among the changes this course has inspired in my practice: STI testing, travel medicine treatment, Lyme testing, and TB testing and referral.”


“The constant relating of new scientific evidence back to clinical practice really stood out as exceptional.”


“Some of the drugs presented as first line were not the ones I would immediately reach for--I now go to those first.”


“I know now how to use prevnar, and I vaccinate for meningitis in asplenia.”


“Our PPD protocol has been updated, and I greatly appreciated the breakdown of STDs into ‘ulcerative’ and ‘nonulcerative.’”


“I have changed my practice in many ways, including antibiotic choices, use of certain references, the approach to TB diagnosis, management of Lyme, and broader use of HIV screening.”


“I am now prepared for flu/cold season with new methods to protect patients and employees in the ambulatory setting, diagnosis, and treatment.”


“I have updated the evaluation and treatment of UTIs in uncomplicated vs. complicated patients.”


“My approaches to Hep C screening, infection control in the office, antibiotic use in UTIs and skin infections, and the meningitis b vaccine have all been influenced by this course.”


“Every aspect of the course was excellent. It is impressive that you were able to gather such a knowledgeable group of lecturers with great skill in sharing their expertise, most of them with good humor, too.”


“There were many times the course material rose above just medical knowledge and reached to teach the fundamentals of medical thinking.”


“Frankly, this may be the best course I have ever been to.”